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Four Times Peter : Portrayals of Peter in the Four Gospels and at Philippi
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On Species of South American Delphinidae Described by R.A. Philippi in 1893 and 1896 (1903)
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Philippi 357BC Ancient Greek Coin Tripod of Apollo Hercules Grapes I37419
Barbour County, West Virginia : Including Its History, the Barbour County Courthouse, the Philippi Covered Bridge, the Audra State Park, and More
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Ritual, Women, and Philippi: Reimagining the Early Philippian Community
Posterazzi DPI12286712LARGE Theatre of Philippi - Philippi Greece Poster Print by Reynold Mainse 38 x 24 - Large
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Institutiones Juris Publici Romano-germanici Selectae By Philippi Vitriarii 1730
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Claudius Philippi Macedonia Ancient Roman Coin W Julius Caesar Augustus I64454
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Die Caesarmörder Brutus und Cassius und ihr Untergang bei Philippi 42 v.Chr.
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Old Relic Theca S.philippi Ap. 19TH
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Commodus 177AD Philippi Macedonia Julius Caesar Augustus Rare Roman Coin I55552
Gospel at Philippi : And Other Sermons (1876)
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Philippi in Macedonia 357BC Hercules Tripod Authentic Ancient Greek Coin I54758
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Memoria Philippi Gabrielis Hensleri (1806)
Government of Macedon : Basileus, Synedrion, Peliganes, Decree of Philippi, Politarch, Epistates, Philoi, Koinon of Macedonians, Merides
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A to Z Guide to Thassos 2016, Including Kavala and Philippi
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Philippi 357BC Ancient Greek Coin Tripod of Apollo Hercules I21859